Structure of the AASR


Historically, the structure of the AASR is divided into 33 degrees, which work as follows:
 1. Symbilie Lodges
                        1st degree :     Entered Apprentice
                        2nd degree :    Fellow Craft
                        3rd degree :    Master Mason
2. Lodges of perfection                                                                          Emulation Rite
                        4th degree :     Secret Master
                        5th degree :     Perfect Master
                        6th degree :     Intimate Secretary     
                        7th degree :     Provost and Judge
                        8th degree :     Intendant of the Building                             Mark Lodge
                        9th degree :     Chapter of Elected Knights of Nine
                        10th degree :   Illustrious Elected of Fifteen
                        11th degree :   Twelve Illustrious Knights
                        12th degree :   Grand Master Architect
                        13th degree :   Royal Arch of Enoch
                        14th degree :   Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Mason      Royal Arch Mason
 3. Sovereign Chapter
                        15th degree :   Knight of the East, or Sword
                        16th degree :   Prince of Jerusalem
                        17th degree :   Knight of the East and West
                        18th degree :   Knight of the Rose Cross
4. Sublime Areopagus
                        19th degree:    Grand Pontiff
                        20th degree:    Grand Master of all Symbolic Lodges
                        21st degree:    Patriarch Noachite or Chevalier Prussian
                        22nd degree: Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Lebanon
                        23rd degree:   Chief of the Tabernacle
                        24th degree:    Prince of the Tabernacle
                        25th degree:    Knight of the Brazen Serpent
                        26th degree:    Prince of Mercy
                        27th degree:    Grand Commander of the Temple
                        28th degree:    Grand Knight of the Sun
                        29th degree:    Knight of St. Andrew
                        30th degree:    Kadosh, Knight of the White and Black Eagle
 5. Sublime Consistory
                        31st degree:    Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
                        32nd degree:   Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
6. In the High Council
                        33rd degree:   Sovereign Grand Inspector General
The ritual teaching of the AASR ends in the 32nd degree. The 33rd and last degree is only for special purposes and duties.
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